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Discover SECRETS the NHS DO NOT Want You to Know!

Uncover LOOPHOLES That Guarantee Private-Like Healthcare,
Shorter Waiting Lists, FREE Dentistry, FREE Cosmetic Surgery

- And Much, MUCH More - If Only You Knew THESE TRICKS...


From the Desk of Mel McIntyre – February 2019

Dear Friend __

The NHS is scarier than you think.

You’ve heard the news stories about superbugs, unproven treatments and drugged-up doctors.

But the real truth is even more worrying:


Did you know that doctors don’t have to undertake ANY further training once they qualify? Many are “practicing” with training 40 years out of date!

Almost every doctor receives “bonus payments” for testing new, UNPROVEN drugs – on YOU. You’re a human guinea-pig!

A shocking 10,000 patients die each year following an adverse reaction to drugs prescribed by their doctor. And 5,000 die each year from hospital “superbugs”!

An unwritten “doctor’s bond” prevents doctors from reporting each other. Even though the mortality rate for some surgeons is SIX TIMES higher on the same procedures!

In a recent European healthcare league, the UK came 17th PLACE overall – right down in the list after Estonia and the Czech Republic!


Not only that...

You’re frequently made to wait HOURS – though if YOU are a few minutes late, your appointment is cancelled.

And when you are finally seen, you receive that patronizing “we’re-doing-YOU-a-favour” attitude. Even though YOU are paying their wages!!

It should OUTRAGE YOU.

But there is a method of beating the system.

And I’d like to share it with you...

THE TRUTH: Not EVERYONE Receives the Same Treatment!
Here's How YOU Can Secure Private-Like Healthcare
For YOU and Your Family - At Absolutely NO EXTRA COST!

I’m Mel McIntyre – and I’d like to welcome you to this site.

And straight away, I’d like to admit something to you...

I’m a THORN in the BACKSIDE of the NHS.

I’ve spent the past FIVE YEARS researching and exposing some of the DEEPEST and DARKEST SECRETS from inside the healthcare system.

Secrets that will guarantee you a MASSIVE, unfair advantage over everybody else – if you use them correctly.

Best of all, I’ve done all of the hard work for you.

I’ve trawled through the reams of legislation. I’ve drilled the minds of senior surgeons and consultants. I’ve literally forced GPs into unveiling the TRUTH behind their practice.

And I’ve uncovered LOOPHOLES that most people don’t even know EXIST!

Forget all of the popular myths.

Like the idea that all hospitals are relatively equal. Listen, some hospitals are complete NO-GO AREAS! And mortality rates can vary by as much as 600% from doctor to doctor for the SAME procedure!

Or the idea that doctor’s – generally - don’t make mistakes. 800,000 patients suffer from medical mistakes in England every year, and around 30,000 people die as a result. Compare that with just 1,300 dying from air accidents - worldwide!

Or the idea that everybody receives the same treatment. Or that waiting lists are unavoidable. Or that prescribed drugs must be safe. Or the myth that there’s no-one to complain to.

These “facts” are PURE RUBBISH.

The TRUTH is that you can receive absolute TOP NOTCH HEALTHCARE, just like most elite top brass – without reverting to expensive private healthcare.

You can beat waiting lists. Get premium treatments for FREE. Guarantee you’re seen by the VERY BEST specialists. And more – just by learning the SECRETS.

This is information that could literally save your life.

And, for the first time ever, I’ve put together ALL of my findings into a jam-packed 120+ page guide, called, quite simply – NHS SECRETS.

It covers absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to play the system at it’s own game.

It’s shocking.

Want to learn more?

Discover the REAL SECRETS to Beating the NHS System -
From JUMPING Waiting Lists to Getting FREE Eye Tests,
From FREE Health Checks to Getting the BEST Specialists!

Want to discover EXACTLY what’s inside my new guide – NHS SECRETS?

I guarantee you’ll be amazed – and that these secrets will change how you receive healthcare from the NHS FOREVER.

That’s my promise.

And to help prove it, here’s a TINY PREVIEW of just SOME of the amazing secrets you’ll have access to, when you read my brand new guide:

Discover the TOP 10 MYTHS about our health service! If you think you’re in safe hands with the NHS, read this and prepare to be shocked.

Find out PRECISELY how the UK health system works – and the hierarchy you MUST know to strike fear into the heart of every doctor!

Why you’re LEGALLY ENTITLED to the GP of your choice! No more annoying doctors. Just choose the one you want!

Want to register with a NEW DOCTOR? Here’s the official organization that MUST do all the hard work for you – and find you a GREAT doctor. No more phoning around!


CAN’T find a local NHS dentist taking new clients? Discover the Government trust that is LEGALLY OBLIGED to find one for you!

The BMA estimates that 13,000 practicing doctors are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol. Here’s how to check YOUR doctor out!

How to discover the BEST LOCAL PRACTICE with the greatest facilities, including minor surgery, maternity services and out-of-hours visits!

Exactly HOW to change your doctor – You don’t have to give a reason for doing this, and you can do it as many times as you wish!


How to GUARANTEE an immediate appoint at your GP – and the nurse-trick that most people have NO idea about!

The SIX THINGS every doctor should do – and the THREE THINGS he absolutely CANNOT make you do!

The EXACT method for finding out whether prescribed drugs are the VERY BEST for the job – or whether they’re just the cheapest! And how to get that FIXED, once and for all!

Exactly how much of your doctor’s time you can take with EVERY appointment! (The answer to this one WILL surprise you!)


The LITTLE-KNOWN WEBSITES that both the NHS and GPs do NOT want you to know about. These will IMMEDIATELY improve the healthcare you receive!

Why a SECOND OPINION can save your life – and the PRECISE STEPS to obtaining one, without fuss or embarrassment!

How to obtain PREMIUM SPECIALIST TREATMENT – exactly when you want it! Discover exactly what you can legally DEMAND!

How PHARMACIES WORK – and precisely what you must check when you receive your prescriptions, and why!


Why doctors are receiving BONUS PAYMENTS for sending patients on SCREENING PROGRAMS – And why they can cause MORE PROBLEMS than they solve!

TWO-THIRDS of all MEDICAL TESTS are NOT REQUIRED. And many are highly inaccurate, with dangerous side-effects! Learn how to protect yourself!

How to use MEDICAL TRIALS to rocket your health – and what you MUST know about terms such as “NNT” and “NNH”!

The simple website you can use to find the EXACT GUIDELINES both doctors and hospital staff are required to follow when dealing with specific conditions. They MUST adhere to these!


How to GUARANTEE treatment at a PARTICULAR HOSPITAL, regardless of your physical location! Plus, how to find the VERY BEST hospitals in the country!

The TRUTH behind your medical records – PLUS, how to see them, and get them amended on request! This one is shocking and EASY!

Doctors always refer you to the CHEAPEST and most convenient hospitals for the NHS. Here’s how to find out the BEST hospitals and get treatment THERE instead, even for simple referrals!

What the SMR is – and why you MUST understand this term to improve your chances on LIVING through a visit to the hospital!!


How to beat the ONE MILLION PEOPLE currently on a WAITING LIST – and dash straight to the front. CRITICAL NOTE: It’s a LIST – and NOT a queue!

The TRUTH about the superbugs that kill 10,000 each year – how to shield yourself, and better still, how to find the hospitals that simply DON’T have this problem!

The "CHOOSE & BOOK" system that EVERY doctor now has access to – and how you can use it to guarantee specialist treatment at the best hospital!

The DENTIST SECRETS: How to get yourself a cheap dentist accepting NHS patients, how to get FREE treatment from the NHS direct, and the dentist “catchment area” secret MOST people don’t know about!!


How to enjoy FREE eye tests, FREE prescriptions, FREE flu jabs, FREE health checks, FREE medication checks, and even financial support – courtesy of the NHS!

The PREGNANCY SERVICES offered by your local health trust – from IVF to home births, you’ll be surprised at what’s available to you!

How the PRIVATE HEALTHCARE system works, how to take FULL advantage – and how to make it give you what YOU want!

Why you SHOULDN’T trust your GP in detecting CANCER – and how to take the worry out of the process


How to enjoy 100% FREE cosmetic surgery on the NHS! - Yes, you read that right!!

The TOP TEN WAYS to identify a FANTASTIC cosmetic surgeon. Tick these boxes and you’re ready to restyle your body!

The EASY WAY to COMPLAIN and get a RESOLUTION – even if you only want an apology. Most people don’t understand how this works. Many times, you don’t even have to write a letter. We’ll show you EVERYTHING!

The SIX INDEPENDENT BODIES that regulate doctors, dentists, opticians, pharmacists, nurses, midwives and other medical professionals – and how knowing about these organizations can IMPROVE your treatment!


The UNWRITTEN CODE of CONDUCT between doctors, and why they won’t report each other for malpractice. Here’s what you NEED to know!

70+ LITTLE-KNOWN organizations for providing additional support and advice on your condition

Learn more about your own GP’s Charter – where your doctor states exactly how he will work for YOU, rather than you begging to see HIM! He MUST stick to these guidelines once they’ve been published!


And that’s just the beginning. My exclusive NHS expos´┐Ż also covers everything from cancer care to birthing services, from elderly care to fantastic financial support – and that’s just the beginning.

Want to discover some of these awesome insider secrets for yourself?

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You won’t BELIEVE how much your wellbeing can improve... Once you begin receiving the high-quality healthcare you are LEGALLY ENTITLED TO.

All you need to do is READ this GUIDE – and PROTECT YOURSELF well into the future.

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How to Turbo-Charge Your Immune System –

Stop yourself ever needing to visit the doctor! Read this bonus guide and
discover EXACTLY how you can keep bugs and disease away for good!

Who’s Who in Medical Health –

Are you being referred from specialist to specialist? Use this WHO’S WHO to
find out what each specialist does, from endocrinologists to peritomists to oncologists.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine: Sorting Fact from Fiction –

From acupuncture to yoga, what really works – and what is pure nonsense?
Discover the TRUTH behind natural, holistic healing methods!

They’re worth an EXTRA £30 in total, but these bonuses are YOURS – at ABSOLUTELY NO COST – if you decide to purchase NHS Secrets TODAY!

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Discover How to BEAT the System - 100% RISK-FREE!
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Do YOU want to begin enjoying superior, private-like healthcare – for FREE, on the NHS?

Are you SICK of dealing with ungrateful doctors and hospital staff, each with their patronizing we’re-doing-you-a-favour attitude?

Would YOU like to discover the SECRETS to unlocking FANTASTIC health services in the UK – for both yourself and your family, starting TODAY?

From TINY waiting lists to GUARANTEEING access to the BEST hospitals in the country. From FREE dentistry to FREE cosmetic surgery.

This guide unveils ALL of the NHS Secrets.

And shows how YOU can use them to your maximum advantage.

So click on the button below and claim YOUR copy, TODAY!

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Thank you for taking the time out to visit this website.

Best wishes,

Mel McIntyre
Mel McIntyre, Best-Selling Author
NHS Secrets


PS. The NHS Secrets guide is ONLY available from this website. You cannot buy it in stores, and it isn’t available elsewhere online. Beware of cheap imitations! If you want to discover the TRUE secret, then grab your copy today. Click HERE to order!

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PPPS. Can you REALLY put a price of the health of your family?
NHS Secrets contains the information you need to know, AHEAD of when you need to know it. Don’t get caught short. Find out how to protect yourself and your family... NOW. Click HERE to order your copy of NHS Secrets!


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